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How can LUXred help me invest in a luxury residence?

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There are 3 steps to invest with us.

  • Purchase land. We have several Realtors that have deep experience with the market. They recommend a few lots to us, which we share with you. We create a pro forma detailing the costs and steps to having a better than average return on investment. We select a lot that you are comfortable with. The Realtor brokers the deal with the seller. The land investment has been made. The land will continue to appreciate as we move to the next step.
  • Pre-construction. During this step we collect fees as we manage and design the home and get the building permit. 
  • Construction of the home. At this time, you can choose to leverage your lot against a construction loan. Or, you can skip that step and fund the project yourself. The project is bid by a select few builders and the one that best fits the project is chosen. Construction begins. We support the builder with weekly site visits and construction meetings.
  • Before construction is complete, we begin marketing the home to reduce its days on the market. The home is sold. Profits are divided.
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Park City has seen continuous growth in the luxury real estate market for more than a decade. There is pressure on the market to provide more inventory to buyers as prices rise. The land itself is a tangible asset and will continue to appreciate in value. Its value will not go to zero as some stocks have. If the market softens, the exit strategy is to manage the home as a vacation rental.

Fundamentals of investing in luxury residences: When considering where to invest in a luxury residence, first, think of location. Is the property in a vacation town, or a town that is next to water, e.i, an ocean or a lake, or in the mountains? Is it located less than one day’s travel from a major metropolitan area, e.i., Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, or Colorado? Park City also hosts folks from the east coast, mainly Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. In this fundamental requirement, Park City is highly ranked.

It’s within a day’s travel of 6 metropolitan areas and in the mountains. Once you land at Salt Lake City International Airport, you can be golfing or skiing that very afternoon. It’s about a 45 minute drive.

Historically, luxury residences’ values track fairly closely with stocks. Many of our target markets offer both types of investments.

We are a one-stop shop. To invest in luxury Park City residences, you would probably have to become familiar with the market, trends, and best locations. This might involve several trips to Park City.

Once you have purchased the land, you will need to shop around for someone to design the residence. Then you will need to select a reputable contractor and monitor the construction process to ensure the home is built according to the plans.

If all has gone well, you will have an investment that sells quickly and for top dollar. If things go sideways, however, it is not a pleasant scenario.

Depending on your preferences, you decide if your level of involvement is high or low.

We can select the best lot for you, or you can select it with us.

We can design the residence with input from the Realtor and Interior Designer, or you can join us in any degree you like, from working on the big picture of the finished product, to getting into the weeds of details. It’s up to you.

We can visit the site frequently to support the contractor, or you can attend via Zoom or GoogleMeet, visit in person, or a mix of these options.

We can stage the home for sale, or you can contribute as much or as little as you’re comfortable with.

We can be at the home to answer questions and encourage prospects to purchase it, or you can join us.

We enjoy repeat investors. It gives us a chance to develop a brand that fits you. It’s always helpful to look ahead and purchase the next piece of land when the right deal for you comes along.

We have a joint venture fund that you can participate in. 

Yes, you can be appraised of new deals as they come along, or you can hold your place in line by paying a retainer. You can also do that by being on our investor list, or by investing in a joint venture. 


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