Here’s Why Your Next Investment Should Be a Design/Build/Sell Real Estate Project

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Any investor out there knows that a diversified investment portfolio is key to long-term success and financial stability. Investing exclusively in either the stock market or the real estate market can prove tricky when the tides change, but by thinking outside the box, one can eliminate a lot of volatility and risk. 

One of the most fruitful investment choices, for rookie and seasoned investors alike, are design/build/sell projects. If you have the slightest interest in real estate, or you’ve dabbled in the world of luxury housing developments or REITs, then you’re probably already familiar with this type of project. But what does a design/build/sell project really entail, and why should you consider adding it to your investment portfolio?

What are design/build/sell projects?

Compared to traditional project delivery structures, which require the owner to sign separate contracts with a designer, a contractor, and a marketer, design/build/sell projects are a lot more efficient. That’s because the owner/investor sings just one contract with a design/build/sell team such as LUXred

This type of project, which implies a single point of responsibility, can save you a lot of time and money, because it eliminates any potential conflicts between the different parties involved. The designer, contractor, builder and marketer work together as a team from start to finish, which boosts productivity and ensures timely delivery of the project.

The advantages of a design/build/sell real estate project

1. Faster delivery 

By enlisting the help of a design/build/sell team such as Build Luxury Red, one can save a lot of time, which would otherwise be spent putting out bids to find the right team members for the project. By working with an integrated team from start to finish, you’ll have a much better chance at delivering your project on schedule and avoiding miscommunication among different parties involved. 

2. A single point of responsibility

Working with a design/build/sell team takes the pressure off the owner/investor, because they only have one point of responsibility and contact throughout the project. As a result, you get to spend less time on administrative and conflict management tasks and more time focusing on the project itself and other investments you have in the pipeline. To sum up, working with one integrated team like LUXred can make the entire process a lot less stressful and a lot more fun and engaging for you as an owner or investor. 

3. Reduced risk

When you work with a single team that handles the entire development process, from inception to completion, marketing and sale, you eliminate a lot of risk from the equation. This is because the design/build/sell team takes full responsibility for the project, and is held accountable for everything that it involves, including cost, schedule, performance and quality. Since the design/build/sell team has to take full responsibility, the stakes are higher, and the team is fully committed to the success of the project. 

4. Higher quality

Like we mentioned above, a design/build/sell project implies a single point of responsibility, which means that the entire burden of delivering the project on time falls onto one team. There is no room for error and no one else to blame; the team handles all aspects of the project and is fully responsible for it. Consequently, each team member, from the designer to the contractor to the site manager to the marketer, is fully dedicated to delivering a high-quality product that will spend little time on the market and turn a profit for the investors. As the team works together seamlessly every step of the way, there is also room for innovation, and bouncing ideas can lead to improvements in the original plan, which in turn can lead to higher yields and better results. 

5. Local expertise

Design/build/sell teams know the ins and outs of the local market; they need to have this expertise in order to deliver a high-quality product and stand out from the competition. Real estate is a highly competitive industry, and the slightest error can lead to financial and even reputation losses. By working with an integrated team of local experts, you eliminate risk and ensure the highest possible returns on your investment.

Partnering with Build Luxury Red on your next project

Build Luxury Red has years of experience leading design/build/sell projects in the Park City area, which is a magnet for affluent investors looking for one-of-a-kind luxury development opportunities. The competition is fierce, and demand for any available land is intensifying, therefore working with a team that has a strong connection to the local market gives investors the upper hand. 

We have the know-how and expertise that allows us to set up the best possible team for each project. We handle every detail, from finding the right location to matching the right broker to the right investor and the right design, construction, and marketing team for the project. Our goal is to bring together the right people for the project at hand and ensure the timely delivery of a high-quality luxury product by fostering teamwork and collaboration. 

Ready to invest in the high-potential Park City luxury market? Reach out to us and let’s find your next investment opportunity that caters to your specific needs.

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