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LUXred’s mission is to offer you access to a fully integrated real estate development service. With a single investment of $500k or $125k group contribution, you can benefit from the ongoing growth in Park City’s single-family market, where property values and yields have been on the up and up for the better part of the decade.

Here are just a few reasons to work with LUXred.

Our mission is to offer you access to a fully integrated real estate development service. It allows you to leverage your capital towards an asset that will be sold providing a good return. 

High-value properties.

The homes we invest in are in the luxury segment of the market. Positioned to appeal to affluent buyer.

Strong investment upside.

Your investment will yield a massive return, with profits exceeding stockmarket plays, in most cases.

Market Know-How.

The team that manages our projects are experts with a deep knowledge and experience, and understand housing dynamics in the high end, new construction market, in Park City.

Tap into the
Wasatch Front’s
Growth Potential.

Unlock the potential of your capital in a continuously growing real estate market with LUXred. Park City’s single family asset values have continuously risen, to average values just under the $2.5 million mark. Continued demand for housing has pushed the transaction volume in 2020, despite nationwide pandemic, highlighting strong confidence in market fundamentals.

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Your advantage
when partnering with LUXred

Have specific financial goals in mind? We will tailor your project to maximize our return on investment.

YOur Full Ownership
$ 500k

Want to have full ownership over your investment? Choose the full package and control the entire project.

You are the sole investor.

We manage the entire investment process.

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Your partial investment option
$ 125k

Our solution is flexible. You can choose to invest $125k or more, and join a group.

Part of an investment group.

We manage the entire investment for the group.

If the timing is not right, you can choose to be added to our investors' list.

You will not be added to an email marketing list. 

We will only contact you when there is an investment opportunity or if there is something of value that you should know. 

About LUXred

LUXred is a luxury real estate development company. We oversee the investment in a high-end residence, starting with the selection of the site to the selling of the project.

Stephen Ricks / CEO, is the driving force behind LUXred. He studied Art & Art History and Urban Development at the University of Utah, where he received a Bachelor of Science. He enjoys being with family & friends. He is an avid skier, tennis player, and traveler.

Shared Vision

Our Mission.

Our goal is to drive the process of creating luxury real estate investment opportunities. One that will produce above-average gains while protecting against the downside.

Our commitment is to deliver a complete a high-end investment experience that focuses on profits, great architecture, an exceptional investor experience, and having fun together. 


We work with investors to create a comprehensive return on investment scenario based on acquisition, development costs and sales price.

Real Estate Broker

The Realtors we work with take the long view of market treads, a year and a half to two year out, and have an intimate knowledge of prime locations where luxury homes sell well.


The builder is key to constructing a luxury residence. Whether traditional or contemporary each one is completed with true craftsmanship. We only hire builders that have a proven track record of success and exceeding customer expectations.

Interior designer

We collaborate with professional interior designers who under what luxury buyer are looking for, right now.

Luxury Homeowner

A prime location, carefully studied proportions, sophisticated finishes and luxury amenities are central to properties high net worth buyers are seeking.


We provide a road map for leveraging your land and building a high-end residence that maximizes you investment.


Luxury Real Estate Development

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